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Our Boats

We have three types of boats which have been selected to enable sailors of all abilities to enjoy their time on the water.

We have eight Challenger trimarans.  The Class was designed specifically to allow those with disabilities to sail and race independently and on equal terms with able-bodied sailors. We have adapted our boats so that the sailor can be accompanied by a "Buddy" who will help out as much as the sailor wishes.


 The fact that the boat does not heel over or capsize makes it particularly suitable for those with low upper body strength and balance.

Further details about the boat can be found at the Challenger Class Association website.

We also have two Access dinghies.


Access Dinghies were designed to people who would love to have a go at sailing, but find it too difficult or uninviting to do so.

Whether as a recreation, a competition sport or a therapeutic activity, the Access Dinghy design features allow total novices of any ability to sail with little tuition.

Around the world, Access Dinghies are introducing whole new communities to sailing.

Further information at the Access Dinghy Foundation website.

Our larger boats, two Deben Luggers 

As our numbers increased we recognised a need for a boat which would allow us to take more people out at the same time.


Early in the 2014 season, with the help of a grant from Sport England, we purchased a new Deben Lugger and on 8th July the boat was named 'Blue Bird' by HRH The Princess Royal.


The Deben Lugger is an 18’ traditionally styled day boat with lug rig designed and built using up to date technology and materials.  Its design makes it a very safe and stable boat.


This boat can hold up to six people and allows us to take small groups of sailors with their carers.


For details of the boat have a look at the manufacturer's website.

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