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Peterborough Sailability is governed by a Board of Trustees comprising:


Bob Bailey

Barry Cockshott

James Hopgood

Harry Traynor

Carol Wakelin (chair)

Ged Walker

Philip Wright

Richard Dykes

Alan Mayo


Day to day operations are managed by a Committee of members comprising:

Alan Mayo - Chair and Client Liaison

Richard Dykes - Secretary

Barry Cockshott - Treasurer

James Hopgood - Special Projects

John Coppenhall - Senior Instructor

Barry Easom- RTC Principal & Administration

Bruce Langston - Health and Safety

Maureen Glover - Shoremaster

Denis Kirk - Bo'sun

John Stokes - Helpers representative

Martin Bolderston - Helpers representative

Joyce Drage - Safeguarding

Roman Tangl - Office Administration


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